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If you are a performer (actor, singer, dancer), your body is your instrument- so it is especially important to keep it finely tuned! Try these tips to improve the overall condition of your instrument and be at your best:

 1. Eat healthy- we all know this is important, but food is our fuel, so make sure it is high-quality: lots of fruits, vegetables and whole-grains for energy; low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese for strong bones; lean proteins like chicken, nuts, and beans to build muscle.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!  Our body is made up primarily of water….so it is super important to replenish it constantly! Did you know….once you “feel” thirsty, your internal organs are already starting to dry out- drink before you feel thirsty! Soda and caffeinated beverages actually dry you out- so stick to water, and fruit juice or herbal tea once in a while for a treat.

3. Sweat is sweet! Cardiovascular exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle, but crucial for performers! Aim for 30- 60 minutes of an activity that makes you sweat most days of the week. This doesn’t have to be boring- try a new activity like biking, dancing, hiking, playing a sport, or Power Hour at the Barre. For motivation: bring a friend or family member- you’ll both benefit!                                                    

4. Get some ZZZZZZZZZZ’s! Sleep is the time when your body regenerates, recovers, and rejuvenates. Performers have a tendency to be busy people, and sleep is often one of the first things to get pushed aside.  The negative effects of this on your instrument are numerous! Sleep deprived people have trouble focusing/learning new things, get sick more easily, tend to have more body fat, and are at a greater risk for numerous illnesses. Make sleep a priority and see the difference it can make in your life….and your performance!

5. Make Positive Lifestyle Choices! Treat your body with respect, and you’ll be amazed at what an amazing creation it is!

6.BattleStress! Everyone has stress in their lives; school, work, family…..and we all cope with stress differently. It is important as a performer to make sure you have a good reliable method of coping with stress. Many professional performers find relaxation, yoga, or meditation helpful. Many of these techniques, I teach in acting classes. Why not join us?